viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009

Avant Premiere

Estreno Mundial del Filme "New Brooklyn"

New Brooklyn

Director: Christopher Cannucciari
Producer: Christopher Cannucciari, Dan Cope, Mary Ladd Cope, Alex Cope, Jennifer Dixon Howard
Executive Producer: Andrew Lund
Writer: Christopher Cannucciari
Cinematographer: Mark Karinja
Editor: Brian Savelson
Music: Kyle Bobby Dunn
Cast: Blanca Lewin, Matt Cavenaugh, Frank Harts, Shelley Thomas, Pablo Cerda
Country: United States
Language: English and Spanish (w/ English subtitles)
Film Info: 82min
Genre: Drama

World Premiere

A gritty depiction of survival alongside a tumultuously changing city.

After having just moved to Brooklyn from South America, Marta (Blanca Lewin) quickly becomes exploited by both the city and her roommate’s brother, Eddie. Otherwise alone, she waits anxiously for her Chilean boyfriend, Alvaro, to arrive in the city, alleviate her homesickness, and piece her world back together.

However, once Alvaro arrives in the city only to break up with her, Marta must summon her previously unexplored inner-strength to stand on her own two feet against her perpetually changing new home and those who have wronged her.

Lewin, South American star and two-time winner of the APES award for Best Actress, perfectly captures the heart and soul of Marta in this empowering look at one female’s maturation from dependent girlfriend to self-sufficient woman.

Fuente: Cinequest